Why Have a Bikini Wax?

Women prefer bikini waxing because it ensures the confidence of showing a bikini line when wearing a thong, string bikini, or other skimpy swim suit or underwear.  Other women just plainly want a cleaner look and softer touch.

Men also prefer to have their bikini area waxed, particularly if they wear bikini style swim bottoms.  Swimmers, bodybuilders or models prefer this type of treatment instead of shaving since razors can result to razor burns and ingrown hairs.

We service to both genders.


To perform a bikini wax, a female technician applies warm wax to a woman's pubic area, places cloth strips atop the wax, and then removes them when the wax hardens by pulling the material off the skin. Often a small thatch of hair is left above the private area, sometimes in the shape of a heart or triangle.

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