Why have your Eyebrows threaded?

Perfect eyebrows are a beauty essential.

Just take a look at today’s biggest, most visible celebrities. Sure, they all have fantastic hair – but more importantly, they all have beautiful, symmetrical, perfect eyebrows. Jennifer Anniston,  Angelina Jolie....can you picture them? You’ve seen them a million times, right?  Ever notice their eyebrows? Probably not......

Why, you ask? Good question! You never notice these celebrity eyebrows because they’re perfect. The quiet little hairs above the eyes are doing their job protecting their owner’s eyes and not drawing attention to themselves. Why, you ask? Because you only notice eyebrows when they’re mismatched, ill-shapen, the wrong color, or the wrong style. You don’t notice the good ones, you only notice the bad ones.  Next question... Is getting perfect eyebrows possible for all women?

Yes, but you should know the art and science of creating beautiful, symmetrical, perfect eyebrows.  Since not everyone is experienced in the art of eyebrow shaping, our attendant can help you enhance that beauty.