The purpose of cleansing the body is not only to wash away the excreted wastes, dead skin cells, and accumulated dust and dirt from the surface of the skin, but to also detoxify the skin from damaging germs, bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Surprisingly, this can be accomplished with an herbal body wash or an body scrub.

You may choose from any one of our body scrub scents:

Whitening Papaya Scrub

Slimming Cucumber Scrub

Moisturising Milk Scrub

All natural Green-Tea Scrub

Aromatherapy Lavender Scrub


Most people wash their body with soap and water on a daily basis. However, daily washing with soaps which are very alkaline remove the protective "acid mantle" film from the skin, leaving the skin susceptible to bacteria and fungus infection. Repeated washing with soaps, can reduce the skin's ability to return to its normal pH balance.

Overexposure to the elements, swimming, or just plain neglect can cause your skin to become scaly, dry, flaky or itchy.  Your skin is made of multiple layers, each with its own purpose.  The outermost layer can become covered with dead, dry cells that are essentially debris and are ready for removal.  Bathing cleans away excess oil and dirt, but leaves the dead skin.  An abrasive is needed to remove this layer.  Exfoliants, including body scrubs, remove the dead skin allowing the supple, younger looking skin underneath to be seen and felt.  Our Body Scrubs are designed to remove the surface layer while providing nourishment and moisturizers for the layers underneath.  The scents soothe the mind with the benefits of aromatherapy while the scrubs replenish what the body needs.  The Scrubs can be used once a week or several times a week.


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