Shiatsu, from the Japanese Shi (finger) atsu (pressure) is based on the idea of the human body as a unit of energy. It is offered as a therapeutic technique. Shiatsu is a form of therapeutic manipulation based on the principle of adding and taking away energy.

It is important to note that the therapist does not usually give or take away energy as such, but, starting from the principle that where there is an emptiness there is also a fullness the therapist acts in such a way as to restore harmony or balance to the patient's own energy taking away where there is excess, moving and giving energy where there is a lack.

Above all Shiatsu is a method of re-establishing the normal flow of energy in the meridians and secondary vessels.
In human beings energy flows along channels which are of two types: principal meridians and the secondary vessels each of which takes the name of an organ. The points or "tsubo" are connected spots along these channels and it is here that one can find an excess, or a lack of energy or indeed an influx of "perverse energy".

The technique of Shiatsu involves the use of pressure (mostly of the thumbs) on the acupuncture points. This is a kind of micro massage which works in a similar way to acupuncture but in a much less energetic manner. The therapeutic results are identical to of acupuncture but they are usually achieved much less rapidly.

Through the practice of Shiatsu, thanks to the development of a natural pressure the life of the therapist comes into a direct contact and communication with the life of the patient.
Shiatsu means finger pressure, but to develop a natural pressure other than hands one needs balanced respiration, a positive development of thought and the unity of these forces toward the origin of life itself.  Pressure, and breathing come together in the technique of harmonization through the energy meridians and the vital points.

The aim of Shiatsu is not limited exclusively to the eradication of symptoms but is also experienced as the transformation of therapy into an educative process which develops the vital force and contributes to the development of the person.

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