Thai massage acts upon ten energy lines: "The invisible body" (prana nadi) along which the most important points of acupuncture are found.

By massaging these it is possible to treat particular illnesses and to alleviate pain. Working on this flow of energy by massage can eliminate blocks, stimulate the free flow of prana and so contribute to a general well-being.The development of therapeutic massage in Thailand has its roots in India.
The theory upon which this technique of massage is based is also the foundation of the Chinese systems of acupuncture and acupressure.

Along with massage go exercises to lengthen and stretch muscles, These exercises are the application of "Hatha Yoga", or physical yoga. The masseur applies the exercises to the patient and so it would be correct to call this technique "Massage Yoga".

In India the tradition of this massage is more or less lost and Ayurvedic massage and Yogic massage as they are practiced today have developed differently through the centuries, but the Yogic origin of Thai massage is clearly visible in the more "acrobatic" positions


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